Monday, 17 August 2015


  • Rule: the reason we don't improve and grow worse during storms is because we've grown extremely magnetically susceptible to our environments. I'm assuming now that wind generates a change of magnetic field as do electrical storms, clouding and the sun. Ionization happens in all of them, including during the moon cycle. During storms we need to have more of the light blue than  the red or yellow or dark blue. I'm sure it would apply to the moon cycle too, and the tides, since it is the ionization of the water that makes it heave into high tide. (Or so one is asked to believe by one website.:) It's the same ionic plasma state of our liquid components that makes us react to these forces of nature.
  • Rule: If any of the macronutrients are drawn strongly, they should be given in material doses.
  • Rule: If any of the remedies (macro, micro or plant tinctures) are drawn in all potencies, it should be given in tincture and material doses.
  • Rule: Ultratrace elements shouldn't be given in material doses or even homeopathic, esp if the macro- and micro-nutrients are imbalanced!
  • Rule: Give plant remedies that are compatible in a group together for better effect.
  • Rule: Fermentation remedies before deworming towards the New Moon.
  • Rule: Balance the Magnesium Chloride Q/oil with an acidic remedy - anything from Cuprum Ace to Acid Flor depending on the need of the dog.

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