Saturday, 22 August 2015

Goullon's Scrofula

Scrofula: The first and most important point of the book for me is that Scrofula is a Tubercular transformation (which I'd already noticed in the dogs).Bacillinum remains a major Reiki draw most of the year, with Psorinum taking up as winter comes along. Carcinosin is a major draw as well, but not year round. Syphilinum transformed a suffering, stunted puppy into a handsome tall guy once (but too tall, which is scrofulous as one author explains), but Psorinum does that transformation routinely and better. Medorrhinum I've never had success with to date, though dogs draw it on and off especially those whose kidneys are failing and are paraplegic - doesn't save them though.

The second major point is that Scrofula is a product of the Lymphatic malfunction (which I'd already realised:). The root cause is a digestive malfunction - the body being unable to produce the right body elements - bile too thick or too acidic, etc.

Scrofulosis is that dyscrasia which always aims at the formation of purulent exudations.

The scrofulous diathesis is a constitutional state favoring the development of inflammations of all kinds. He may develop tuberculosis of the lungs when construction favors it, and the eating and other habits develop the necessary toxin poisoning.

Count Mattei had already articulated in his electro homeopathic theory that the scrofulous and lymphatic are the only two states for electro-homeopaths to cure.

Both Cancer and Tuberculosis are alternate or developmental states of the same digestive malfunction.

Some anti-scrofulous picks are wonderful - he chooses Carbo animalis over Carbo veg which is something I've noticed with Reiki too. Clematis over other Ranunculae. Cicuta for the nervous system. I find interesting connections to electro-homeopathy in Euphrasia, Dulcamara and Teucrinum. The Baryta mur instead of the Carb is my pick too, and Hepar out of all the Calcs. Aurum is another I love.

The remedies I have trouble with are many as well. I haven't had much use for Silicea which he swears by. Calc carb too, the dogs don't draw (except in cm, which I'm afraid to give!).I haven't found Conium drawn at all, I would put Hydrocotyle in its place instead. Dulcamara is a remedy I'm afraid of since it brought up an aggravation that killed Lassie in 200x, and didn't cure the others.Lycopodium (moss) rarely gets drawn, the animals' energy prefers Bovista and Secale (both fungi that rot seeds).
The Cure - by resistance-building
"The cure is to build up lost resistance by rest, and to correct the sensuality.

It is obvious that the state of resistance--the state of enervation--must range from one nearly normal to one of almost no resistance at all. Scrofulous subjects should be in the open air and sunshine as much as possible; and, if they desire comfort and a reasonably long life, they must be moderate in all things."

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